Nomination Criteria

The Asia's Most Admired Companies Awards 2021 is inviting nominated applications via ads and promotional campaigns on social media, digital platforms, e-mail marketing, etc. from the Top countries of Asia. If one believes that their company has done an excellent job in their industry or sector in the past and deserves to be awarded with the prestigious Asia's Most Admired Companies Awards 2021, then you can register as a potential nominee by filling up our online form on our website.

Who Can Be Nominated for The Award?

  1. Any company, be it a private or a public player can be nominated for an award, their industry or the magnitude of operations presenting no bar in their nomination process. The Asia's Most Admired Companies Awards 2021 includes vast categories that recognize the achievements of different businesses, from start-ups to full-fledged big businesses.
  2. One can also file a B2B (Business to Business) nomination by virtue of being a customer, client or supplier, or having some other association with a company. It is only rational to inform that particular company about this though so that any disagreements or future confusions can be avoided altogether.

“The goal and vision of the awards is to recognize any company that is worthy of being nominated as a potential frontrunner in their field, doesn’t matter who registers them as a nomination.”

All the nominees are to mandatorily give the required documents and important details so that the initial screening can take place. Furthermore, once that is done, our esteemed jury will rigorously be reviewing the shortlisted names.

What fee does one have to give for Nomination and Winner’s Registration?

  1. There is no fee for any company to file a nomination.
  2. If a nominee becomes a winner in any category, they are required to pay a fee of Rs. 50,000 + 18% GST (Applicable for Indian Companies) & US $ 750/- (Applicable for companies other than Indian Companies) towards the registration and logo usage rights of Asia's Most Admired Companies Awards 2021 for a period of one year.

  3. What is the process of Registration for the Awards?

    If one wishes to participate in Asia's Most Admired Companies Awards 2021, they need to register for it by filling up an online form. It is available on our website. The fee for the registration can be paid via an electronic money transfer. The jury has fixed the fees at Rs. 50,000 + 18% GST (Applicable for Indian Companies) & US $ 750/- (Applicable for companies other than Indian Companies). It covers the evaluation, registration, plus the fees for the logo usage rights.
    This fee has to be paid compulsorily by all the winners. This fee includes the cost that is incurred by our team on the rigorous research they conduct on every single company. Furthermore, the evaluation process of every company and their application is also covered in this fee. It helps us conduct these activities and choose the best of companies for the awards each year.

    To register for this award, go and log in to and fill your online form.
    For receiving the bank details in order to make the payment, you can write to us on,
    Please Note: The registration fee once paid will not be refunded under any circumstances.
    All the winners will be notified in due time to complete the registration formalities.

Please go through the below points before you submit your nomination by registering for Asia's Most Admired Companies Awards 2021:

  1. The company of the applicant must be from Asia, or having its operations and offices in Asia.
  2. The application form needs to be filled in English language, free of any grammatical errors.
  3. The applicant’s company needs to satisfy the minimum criteria of each and every parameter that they are to be judged over so that they can qualify for the jury judgement assessment level.
  4. All the information that is to be provided in the registration form needs to be very specific and to the point so that we are better able to evaluate your company, in turn increasing your chances of winning.
  5. Every single detail that one fills need to be about the topic and relevant to the heading.
  6. Any company that provides information that turn out to be false or incomplete are bound to be disqualified from the competition.
  7. Once a nomination has been sent, it cannot be withdrawn under any circumstances.
  8. Any nominated company who is selected as a winner for any category will have to pay the registration fees for the logo usage for one year without exception.