This is a matter that is handled by our amazing Corporate Branding Team. They are there to guide our participants about how they can authentically use the logo of our award. The winners are authorized to use our award’s logo for their marketing and brand publicity (including brochure, catalogs, hoardings, newspapers & TV Ads, company website, etc).

The process of picking out the winners will be based upon the nominations and the pre-selected criteria that our esteemed jury has already put in place. This process has been duly stated on our website for everyone to read. If a company has been selected as a winner, they will receive a formal letter in the form of email in a timely manner, whereby they can complete further registration formalities for the participation.

A company that wins this coveted award will be getting a digital certificate of Asia’s Most Admired Companies Award as a token of appreciation. Also, the winners would get one-year rights to use the logo of the awards for their branding purpose and will be provided with associated deliverables which will be sent to them via email, provided they have completed all formalities of registration including submission of required documents etc. and making the payment of registration fees applicable to the winners.
Keeping in view the pandemic situation IBC has adapted this digital recognition format so that the truly deserving companies get the recognition due to them and can avail the multi-fold benefits associated with the award.

There is no fees for nomination of any company.

If, after nomination, your company will be selected for the award as a winner by our team & jury then your company will have to pay a registration and logo usage rights fee of Rs. 50,000 + 18% GST (Applicable for Indian Companies) & US $ 750/- (Applicable for companies other than Indian Companies), which will be valid for the tenure of one year.
In order to register and participate, all the winners must fill & submit the registration e- form via logging in on our website & make the payment of the registration fee through electronic bank transfer.
For receiving the bank details in order to make the payment, you can write to us on contact@ibcinfomedia.net
Payment of registration fee is mandatory for all winners without exception.
The fee charged includes the cost of the research & evaluation process conducted in order to select the companies and this contribution made by you empower us to carry on this process and give you the most admired companies of Asia each year.
Please visit our website www.asiasmostadmiredcompaniesawards.com for completing & submitting your registration e- form.
Please Note: The registration fee once paid will not be refunded under any circumstances

If you are looking to sponsor the event, Asia’s Most Admired Companies Award, please mail your details at contact@ibcinfomedia.net to Ms. Simi.

The process of selection starts when a company files the nomination by filling up our online registration form. Just as the application is received, it has to clear the 4 stages of selection that include Initial Screening and categorization, evaluation by the research team, Jury reviewal& rating and cumulative scoring methodology after which the final selection takes place. Companies comprising of diverse backgrounds from all over Asia will become a historical part of Asia’s Most Admired Companies Awards.
Before applying, please be sure to read the exact procedure of selection and the process of nomination.

Any company that is found to have provided false and incomplete information will be disqualified according to the decision taken by the esteemed jury and the management team of Asia’s Most Admired Companies Awards.

Once applied, nominations cannot be withdrawn. If selected as a winner, a company will have to mandatorily pay the registration & logo usage rights fee.

The management and the organizers of Asia’s Most Admired Companies Award reserve the right to make changes to the design of the awards without giving any justification whatsoever.

As far as that goes, it will definitely benefit you in the long term, but it mostly depends on how you as a brand utilize this fame. An incapable person will definitely waste even the best of opportunities that comes his/her way. This may as well be a fact for the select few winners of this coveted award who will not be able to market this achievement of theirs and wish that just the tag of being a winner of Asia’s Most Admired Companies Awards does something for that on its own. But those winners who have the right temperament and knowledge of how to use this tag of a winner at Asia’s Most Admired Companies Award can do wonders with it.