We present our associates with a multitude of advantages

Stand Apart from the Competition

The fact that your business gets associated with Asia’s Most Admired Companies Awards makes your business stand out from rest of the competition. Such is the reputation of our award.

Send Associates a Positive Message

An award such as ours is a hallmark of excellence. When clients or associates come to know that their chosen company is associated with such coveted awards, it sends a positive message to them, making them feel honored and overall satisfied.

Helps Scale Up Operations

The reputation that comes with Asia’s Most Admired Companies Awards title help businesses scale up operations by attracting newer clients by using the right marketing & publicity mix.

Exposure & Publicity

An award such as ours easily provides the businesses with a much appreciated and positive publicity on different platforms such as social media, digital media, news and other PRplatforms.

Internal Company Motivation

Associating and possibly winning the famed Asia’s Most Admired Companies Awards helps a brand keep the motivation and morale among their employees high so as to produce better overall results and performance.

Building Business Connections

By participating as a winner in Asia’s Most Admired Companies Awards, one gets to meet the barons of different industries and get familiar with them, thereby getting to know important people who may prove useful in the future.


  1. The winning company is entitled to use the official logo of Asia’s Most Admired Companies Award 2021 for next 1 year in the publicity and marketing of their company (including TV ads, brochure, newspapers, catalogues, hoardings, etc.) from the date of receiving the award.
  2. A digital certificate with the title of Asia’s Most Admired Companies Award 2021 will be presented along with the promotional material as soon as you complete the registration formalities once after getting selected.
  3. The company will get a media kit, which includes banner design, copy of press release, and various logo formats that they can as display as an achievement of success during the marketing premises and promotional purpose.
  4. A company profile / an article (up to 1000 words) along with your Chairman/MD/CEO’s picture to be published on an International News Portal.
  5. A 2 Min interview AV of your Chairman/MD/CEO to be published on an International News Portal.
  6. 1-minute Audio-Visual Clip of the winner company will be publicized through on an International News Portal.
  7. Award logo will be displayed on our awards website with other winners.
  8. Publicity through press release distribution, social media platforms and other PR activities will be done to ensure maximum coverage & mileage for the winner companies.